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4 Common Times Buildings Switch Over To Virtual Doorman

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4 Common Times Buildings Switch Over To Virtual Doorman

As we’ve discussed in many of our blogs, more and more building owners and managers are switching from traditional doormen to Virtual Doorman. The reasons are clear: up to 90% cost savings, no awkward chit chat, no tipping, no hiring and firing, and no having to rely on a doorman to decide which people to let into a building and which ones to deny entry to.

But those are all reasons why you should use our Virtual Doorman services. Another important question is when you should switch over to our remote doorman service. Let’s take a look at the most common times that buildings finally make the switch from physical doormen to virtual doormen. 


Perhaps the most common time that buildings switch over to Virtual Doorman is during a renovation. It makes a lot of sense, considering that it’s a time of flux and that many changes are happening all at once. 

Installing a virtual doorman during renovations is beneficial because you’ll be able to upgrade your security system while there’s construction taking place. For instance, you can run the wires for the new cameras at the same time ceilings are being replaced, or you can put the Virtual Doorman locks on the doors at the same time you’re replacing the doors themselves. 

While Virtual Doorman works with many existing security systems, many such systems are getting old and need to be replaced. It simply makes practical and financial sense to install a remote doorman — and maybe the entire security system — at the same time you have easier access to wiring behind the walls, in floors, and in ceilings.

When the Traditional Doorman Retires

There’s no doubt that people can get attached to a particular doorman. But when you close your eyes and imagine a doorman, you probably think of someone who’s at least 60 years old…and with good reason. Doormen are getting older as the need for them goes away, and many are retiring.

It’s perfectly fine to be attached to a doorman who’s been serving the building’s tenants for decades, but their retirement creates a perfect opportunity to switch to Virtual Doorman. 

During a Rent Decrease

Rent doesn’t often go down, but if you are having to decrease rent in order to stay competitive in your market, then saving money by getting Virtual Doorman just makes sense. You can count all of that money you save on a full-time doorman as a means to decrease the rent.

During a Rent Increase

There are many reasons why tenants love Virtual Doorman. In fact, many times those who live in the building actually consider our remote doorman services to be an upgrade to traditional doormen. 

If you’re increasing the rent, it could be the time to switch to Virtual Doorman. If Virtual Doorman is indeed an upgrade in people’s eyes, then the tenants shouldn’t mind the rent increase as much. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell them that you’re actually saving money!)

Ready To Make the Switch?

The fact is, there’s no bad time to switch to Virtual Doorman; just don’t put the savings off anymore. If you’re ready to get all of the advantages of a remote doorman, click here to get a quote.