Virtual Doorman

How it works

Virtual Doorman is a building-wide system that integrates a touch screen video intercom, digital CCTV, and access control to remotely grant access for visitors, deliveries, vendors, and even the occasional resident who is locked out of their building. Our highly skilled operators at our Command Center remotely monitor your property and control access to the premises. The system was designed to be very user-friendly for residents, guests and management alike. Residents and management also have access to our state-of-the-art Virtual Doorman Welcome App, which enables the user to manage their guests, control and unlock doors, and see cameras at their building.

Packages, deliveries and guests

No more waiting at home for a package, dry cleaning, or other delivery to arrive. With Virtual Doorman services, our Operators will accept packages and deliveries, direct the delivery person to a secure package storage room, and email you to let you know you have a package/delivery waiting for you when you return home.
  • Call button is pressed

    When the Virtual Doorman call button is pressed, our Operators instantly receive an alert and a live video feed from the building, alongside a data screen with all relevant building information, which instructs the Operator on how to handle the delivery or visitor.

  • Visitor verified

    Once the visitor or delivery has been verified, access is granted remotely and the carrier is directed to the secure package area/room to complete the delivery.

  • Package received

    Our Operators digitally sign for the delivery and send a notification to the resident informing them that they have a package waiting. The package room is monitored by cameras to ensure security of the delivery.

  • Monitored access

    The entire process is monitored by our remote doorman, or Operators. If an incident or unusual activity is observed, the Operator takes action if necessary. All activity is recorded and can be retrieved and reviewed as needed.

Other features

package icon


Virtual Doorman is designed to accept deliveries. Delivery personnel use the video intercom system at the front door, where the remote operators will verify their identity. Once verified, the delivery personnel will be directed to bring the package into a secure package room. The resident will then be notified of the delivery.
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Greets and verifies guests

Residents can add guests and specify approved times of access to their Welcome App account or online portal. When the guest arrives, Virtual Doorman will verify their identity and grant them access.
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Virtual Doorman Welcome app

The Virtual Doorman Welcome app allows residents and property managers to unlock doors and control elevators, check in guests, schedule deliveries, and utilize other concierge services.


When you have Virtual Doorman, you don’t just have the most advanced remote doorman technology on the market, you also have the assistance of our remote operators — real people who are there for you and your tenants day or night.
package protection


Once a delivery has been delivered to our secured package room, Virtual Doorman secures packages until they are picked up by the resident. Learn more about Package Defender.

security camera icon


Virtual Doorman also functions as a security system for your building. With the help of the remote operators, Virtual Doorman monitors the property’s security cameras, facilitates building access, and keeps an eye out for anything suspicious. Command center operators notify property managers of anything that doesn’t look quite right. Property managers and tenants can feel safe and secure when Virtual Doorman is on the job.

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interactive web portal

Interactive web portal

Tenants and property managers have access to Virtual Doorman’s interactive web portal. There is a mobile app for tenants to check in guests, schedule deliveries, and utilize concierge services. The Virtual Doorman can be reached from anywhere so that residents can remotely manage their account.

Property managers have access to their Building Manager Portal through the interactive web portal, which allows them to manage the building from near or far.

building Icon

Building management services

Virtual Doorman assists in a multitude of building management responsibilities. Remote operators can help with service calls, building correspondence, and day-to-day operations.
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Resident lockout protection

Occasionally, a tenant may forget or lose their key, and when this happens Virtual Doorman can assist the tenant in gaining access to their home. The resident can use the video intercom system found at the front door and the remote operators will work with the Virtual Doorman to verify the resident’s identity.
key icon

key safe

Virtual Doorman can also provide an electronic key safe. If you have a guest or a staff member who needs to gain access to the building, you can leave a spare key in the electronic key safe. The key safe is then opened with a pin that you can provide to those who require it.

portal icon

Building manager portal

The Building Manager Portal gives property managers access to all the information they need about their building even when they are away from their desk or even off-site.
contractor verification

Contractor verification

Whether you are having some work done on the building, expecting a caterer for a special event, or you have a contract with an outside cleaning company, Virtual Doorman can take care of the verification process so that you don’t have to. Every person that goes in and out of your building that does not have a resident key card gets their identity verified by the Virtual Doorman and our remote operators before entrance is granted.