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Building security

At Virtual Doorman, we provide your apartment building with some of the most innovative building security in the industry. Our security includes 24/7 access to our video surveillance, access control systems, intercom, and our remote operators. Our operators are the eyes and ears of your property. They monitor your building and instantly notify you of any suspicious activity. When you hire Virtual Doorman, not only will you be receiving building security, but you’ll also get all of our virtual doorman services including our remote doorman, virtual concierge, building management, guest verification, and more.
Virtual Doorman’s building security works with a combination of security cameras and our remote operators. The operators are constantly monitoring the activity in your building. When a guest, contractor, or delivery person requests access to the building, the remote operators verify their identity, monitor their whereabouts, and are able to time how long they are in the building. The building manager has complete access to this information and can view all of the security cameras in the building. If at any time the remote operators detect suspicious activity, they will notify the building manager at once. Your building is completely secure and monitored by real people with state-of-the-art security technology.
  • The building manager has 24/7 access to video surveillance.

  • Remote operators verify the identity of all guests, delivery personnel, and contractors before granting entrance.

  • Doors are controlled remotely by the Virtual Doorman operators.

  • Remote operators monitor security cameras and immediately notify the building manager of any suspicious activity. 

  • Your tenants can feel safe and secure with the Virtual Doorman providing building security.

The building security services offered by Virtual Doorman are provided every day, all day. The Virtual Doorman never requests a day off, never takes a holiday, and doesn’t require lunch breaks. Your building is always safe and secure with the Virtual Doorman and our remote operators.
Our Virtual Doorman building security works with innovative technology that is the best in the business. When you couple that with the services provided by our remote operators, you have a building security system that is truly one-of-a-kind. Your tenants will feel safe and secure in your apartment building knowing that Virtual Doorman is on the job. Browse our packages and contact us to hire Virtual Doorman today.

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