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Having a doorman is no longer an amenity reserved for only a few. With Virtual Doorman, everyone can afford to have doorman services at their properties. Remote doorman services can improve a tenant’s experience, add security, and provide convenience for both the residents and property managers. Take a look at our Virtual Doorman packages and find one that fits your building and your budget.
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Virtual Doorman was designed with ease of use in mind for both tenants and property managers. Tenants have access to the Virtual Doorman mobile app so that they can manage their accounts from anywhere. Similarly, property managers have access to the Building Manager Portal to monitor their building including the security cameras.

Tenants and property managers alike will love the convenience that Virtual Doorman offers. The remote doorman can accept their packages, let in their guests, or make them a reservation at a restaurant. Having Virtual Doorman allows for all of the benefits of a traditional doorman, plus more without the high-end price tag.

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Between Virtual Doorman and our remote operators, your building’s camera system is constantly being monitored. Virtual Doorman is your eyes and ears, and we take our job seriously. Guests and delivery personnel are closely monitored to ensure the safety of your building and your tenants.

Property managers have access to all of their security cameras through the building management portal, so they can observe from anywhere, anytime. Delivery personnel are recorded as they enter the building, deliver the package to a secure delivery area, and then exit the premise so that the property manager can monitor deliveries anytime from the Building Management Portal.

Virtual Doorman and our command center operators can grant or deny access through remote control of the building’s entrance doors. Our operators work with the remote doorman technology to verify guests’ identities and will contact property management about anything that may seem suspicious.


Compared to a traditional doorman, Virtual Doorman is much more affordable. With remote doorman services, you will just have one low payment due every month, compared to the cost of payroll for a doorman.

You can choose from several different service options and add-ons to ensure that you are receiving as much or as little service from Virtual Doorman that you would like. And plans can be adjusted as you go, so you can be sure that you have the amount of service that you require for your building and that your plan fits within your budget.

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Utilizes modern technology

Virtual Doorman is the original remote doorman service and provides state-of-the-art technology. We have spent the last decade perfecting our Virtual Doorman technology. We are the only remote doorman service to offer an interactive web portal for both our property managers and tenants. When you hire Virtual Doorman, you are receiving the best remote doorman services that technology can offer.
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Improves tenant experience

Virtual Doorman can improve your tenant’s experience, making them retain residency longer, and can also attract new tenants. Your tenants will love the ease of access to their remote doorman services through our mobile app, they’ll have our concierge Red Hat Services right at their fingertips, and having guests or accepting packages is easier than ever.

Your tenants will never again have to call the property manager when they lock themselves out. Instead, the Virtual Doorman can work with the remote operators to verify their identity and grant them access in just minutes; no more waiting outside for the property manager to bring a spare key to let them into their home.

Virtual Doorman provides tenants with a personalized doorman experience with a mix of technology and our command center operators. Your tenants will love their Virtual Doorman.

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When you hire a traditional doorman, you’ll have to hold interviews and then process all the paperwork required for hiring an employee. When you hire Virtual Doorman, none of this will be necessary: you will just pay one monthly bill.

Virtual Doorman does not take lunch breaks or vacations, but our remote doorman is always on call. You won’t have to worry about scheduling shifts or breaks because Virtual Doorman and our remote operators are there for you and your tenants 24/7 — no overtime pay required.