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4 More Advantages of Having a Virtual Doorman Over a Real One

Advantages of Having a Virtual Doorman

In our most recent article, we talked about three good reasons to have a virtual doorman over a real doorman. Two of those reasons had to do with speech: a remote doorman from Virtual Doorman can greet tenants in their own language (very important in places like NYC where more than 135 languages are spoken on a regular basis), and a virtual doorman also reduces the amount of chit-chat with a real doorman that might make tenants uncomfortable. Of course, we also touched on the primary reason that buildings choose Virtual Doorman: the cost is up to 90% less than hiring a full-time human door opener. But if you thought those were the only three reasons, you’d be wrong! In fact, we have quite a few more excellent reasons why your tenants will enjoy a virtual doorman over having one on-site every day. No Tipping Tipping can be a great practice in some situations, but just about everyone you talk to thinks it’s gotten out of hand. Shouldn’t we just pay everyone a living wage and only tip when we actually note good service…not just because we feel like we have to tip a dozen people a day? Having Virtual Doorman eliminates this awkward situation for tenants. When you tell them, “You don’t have to worry about tipping them today or any day,” they’ll certainly be happy to not have to face those situations again. Remote Doormen Don’t Have To Memorize Faces When you have a remote doorman system like ours, you don’t have to rely on someone to memorize the faces of the tenants or guests. Many of the tenants’ interactions with doors — both the primary entrance door and the door to their apartment — are controlled via their cell phone, so they don’t even have to worry about keys.  Virtual Doormen Don’t Have To Be Told Who To Let In There are so many more problems with a real doorman when it comes to deciding who to let in. For instance, if someone is having a friend over, that friend will have to wait in the lobby while the doorman calls up to the tenant. In other circumstances, the tenant will have to come to collect their visitor.  On the other hand, a tenant could tell the doorman, “Let in Peggy, who’s 5’4” and has light brown hair. But if Dana, who’s 5’6” and has dark brown hair, shows up, absolutely don’t let her in.” A doorman can easily get confused about who’s welcome and who isn’t, and it just gets worse the more units there are in a building. What if there’s a real doorman and someone is having a party? There’s really no good way for a doorman to decide who’s welcome and who isn’t. It’s so much easier with a virtual doorman. The guest simply presses a button that calls the tenant’s smartphone. When the tenant verifies who it is, they click their smartphone and the visitor is let in. No fuss, no muss.  No Hiring and Firing Do you like hiring and firing doormen? Do you like it when they call in sick and you have to find a quick replacement? We didn’t think so. Virtual Doorman is never sick. Give Our Remote Doorman Service a Try! Trust us, Virtual Doorman has so many advantages that you’ll never even think about returning to the old ways. Click here to check out our service options!