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7 High-End Amenities Residents Are Looking For

Amenities Residents Are Looking For

7 High-End Amenities Residents Are Looking For

Wherever you’re managing an apartment building or condos, from New York City to Los Angeles, in order to compete with other businesses, your building, the units themselves, and the amenities really need to stand out. For residents who are looking for the best, it’s not enough anymore for a home to just have pet-friendly options or in-suite washer and dryer. High-end amenities are going above and beyond to attract top tenants who will stay in the building for longer and will increase the overall look and feel of the building. From doorman services to the latest technology to gym equipment and classes, and more — here are the top amenities that you can’t go without.

Apartment and Condo Amenities Residents Need and Want

Rooftop Recreation

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a view of NYC’s Empire State Building, Chicago’s Willis Tower, or Miami’s amazing views of the ocean? After a long day at work or to host a classy party on the weekend, rooftop patios are the latest trend to hit the biggest cities, and residents frequently have this on their most-wanted list. Even if your building isn’t located in an ideal area with the best views, the ability to get outside and enjoy a space with a garden, a lounge area, or a BBQ will have potential tenants flocking to your building.

Environmentally Friendly

Speaking of a rooftop garden, tenants are especially looking for environmentally friendly amenities throughout the building. Equip your apartments or condos with energy-efficient appliances (for both water and electricity), use responsible materials when renovating or painting, switch to LED light bulbs, or upgrade to energy-efficient windows — there are dozens of options to decrease the carbon footprint of your building. If you have on-site parking, consider installing a charging station for electric vehicles.

Smart Home Features

To go along with the environmentally-friendly amenities, smart features will help increase tenant satisfaction and can even make property managers’ jobs easier and the building more efficient. Options include smart thermostats so tenants can monitor their home’s temperature while they’re away and make adjustments on the fly, smart locks and light switches, and if you have the budget, smart refrigerators. When a tenant moves out of the building, it’s a quick fix to turn off the thermostat in order to save money.

Add a Gym

Any amenity that will reduce a tenant’s monthly expenses is a must. When a gym membership can range from $60 to well over $100 a month, it’s a significant perk when there is an on-site gym. However, when you want to truly provide residents with high-end amenities, consider including regular fitness classes, a sauna, basketball court, or a hot tub. And if you’re looking to take amenities to another level, add spa services, such as nail care and facials.

Coworking Spaces

The traditional office space is disappearing these days, so giving your tenants a place to work can be incredibly appealing. And when it’s impossible to tell what professions your tenants will have, make the coworking space as diverse as possible. Don’t just add a few tables with a couple of ethernet hookups, make the space large enough so residents can schedule conferences, include a snack bar, espresso bar, and other features that will entice people to actually use the space as well as bring coworkers or clients there.

Wi-Fi Internet

One of the most arduous tasks of moving into a new apartment building is having to sign up for internet services and have them installed. When residents simply need to find someone to help them move, that may be what they need to choose your building over another. High-speed internet is more than just a convenience, it’s a must for anyone who is on the go and wants to stay connected.

Virtual Doorman on call serviceSecurity

Cities like New York City are getting safer every day, but crime is still a significant concern. Having key fob access to the building is a start as the cards are harder to duplicate than traditional keys, but there are many other options when it comes to building security. Doorman services is also a great place to start and offers residents a friendly face when they enter their building.

Virtual Doorman

A high-end amenity that is becoming more and more popular is having a remote doorman. Instead of a physical doorman, who will need weeks of training to recognize who lives in the building, property managers will also need to work out a schedule, payroll, and many other tasks involved with a doorman standing at the entry.

Instead, have Virtual Doorman install a welcome station where residents can communicate through video chat with support staff for a variety of needs. With Virtual Doorman, residents can:

  • Schedule deliveries
  • Input guests and visitor authorizations
  • Request maintenance
  • Request additional key fobs
  • Download a mobile app to monitor deliveries or grant entry to visitors
  • Chat with staff with any account needs

Offer residents the same great doorman services at a fraction of the cost. Virtual Doorman isn’t just for residents, though, property managers can also experience a variety of benefits. Remote staff can:

  • Help manage service requests that come in
  • Add new residents
  • Manage authorized access
  • Activate/deactivate access cards and fobs
  • View resident contact information
  • Manage deliveries and guests
  • Grant access for vendors and contractors

Security is a significant concern for many residents, so Virtual Doorman will also install security cameras near the entryway and in storage areas where deliveries are kept until the resident can pick them up. Anyone who enters the building will be monitored, increasing tenant peace of mind.

Lower rent, pet-friendly apartments, and granite countertops are nice, but it takes another level of high-end amenities to attract the best residents. At Virtual Doorman, we believe our doorman service technology, our friendly staff, and the ability to increase efficiency for property managers is one of the best ways to bring in tenants who will stay in your building for longer. Serving several large cities across the country, learn more about how Virtual Doorman works and get in touch with us today with any questions.