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4 Advantages Of Virtual Doorman Services You Can Advertise To Tenants

4 Advantages Of Virtual Doorman Services You Can Advertise To Tenants

4 Advantages Of Virtual Doorman Services You Can Advertise To Tenants

If you own a building or are a building manager, it’s important to remember just how important your tenants are. You can have the nicest property in the world, but if you don’t have the services customers are looking for then you’re not going to be able to fill the spaces as quickly as you’d like.

When potential buyers or tenants are considering your building, they might be looking for the services of a doorman. At first, they might be apprehensive about living in a building that uses Virtual Doorman service, technology they’re probably with unfamiliar with. You might have to sell them on the idea of a virtual doorman system, so here are some advantages to convince them that you should stay in a building with our cyber doorman service.

24/7 Service

Having a round-the-clock doorman will cost a building hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. This high price tag has caused some properties to cut back on the hours during which they employee a doorman. This can leave quite a bit of time during which there’s no basic security or package services being provided.

Our virtual doorman service is on-call 24/7/365 in order to let the right people into the building and accept packages. There’s no time during which tenants will be left in the lurch.

Front Doors Can Always Remain Locked

One of the primary duties of doormen is to provide basic security for a building. But in order to do so, they will usually have the front doors unlocked and perform this security from the front desk. That means that anyone who shouldn’t be in the building already has access to the building, and if they overpower the doorman then they have complete access.

With our virtual doorman service, the doors remain locked at all times until a tenant or approved guest comes along. This makes sure that the first line of defense — the front doors — aren’t breached.

There’s No Tipping

This might be a small point, but it can be surprisingly appealing to customers. Even the biggest tippers out there realize that we’re reaching “tipping overload,” as tipping has become more and more ubiquitous. While it’s great to tip actual doormen when they are part of a highrise’s offerings, not having to tip — or worrying about how much to tip — can be an appealing selling point for Virtual Doorman.

Virtual Doorman Is Impressive!

The job of doorman has been around for at least 2,000 years and a part of New York City life for hundreds of years. So while it still impresses people to say “we have a doorman in our building,” it certainly doesn’t hold the weight it always has. In fact, some people are uncomfortable having someone wait on them in such a fashion.

Everyone is impressed with Virtual Doorman, though! We’ve worked hard to incorporate the software and hardware to make it work as smooth as possible and to accommodate every instance in which it could be needed. When you tell potential tenants that they can let their friends in by tapping their phone, they’re going to brag about it!

Impress Your Tenants With The Best Services

If you’re looking for the best virtual doorman, there’s only one option with all of the services to impress the people who are considering living in your building. Find out more about how it works, then get a free quote.