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How Virtual Doorman® Provides Building Security

providing building security

If you manage an apartment building, one of your main concerns is most likely building security. It’s important to keep both your building and your tenants safe and with Virtual Doorman® you can do all that, while also providing your residents with other high-end amenities that they will love. In today’s blog post, we are […]

Can Virtual Doorman® Replace a Traditional Doorman?

Can Virtual Doorman Replace a Traditional Doorman

People often ask whether Virtual Doorman®, a remote doorman system, can truly replace a traditional, human doorman. Does Virtual Doorman provide the same amount of service and security? How does the price of Virtual Doorman compare to a traditional doorman? Today, we will answer those questions, plus more.  Continue reading to learn more about how […]

Virtual Doorman’s® Best-in-Class Proprietary Technology

Best-in-Class Proprietary Technology

At Virtual Doorman® we have been perfecting our remote doorman technology for more than two decades. We have used our experience in the business to create a comprehensive and cohesive Interactive Web Portal that streamlines communications between the residents, building managers, and our remote operators. We’ve also introduced a mobile app to make using Virtual […]

Why You Should Choose the Original Virtual Doorman®

Virtual Doorman

With all the options for remote doorman services out there, how do you decide which to choose? If you want the only option that offers exceptional service, the most features, and the best-in-class technology, the logical choice is the one and only Virtual Doorman®.  Virtual Doorman® created the remote doorman industry when we introduced the […]

How Do Virtual Doorman Services Work?

virtual doorman services

If you have never heard of Virtual Doorman or remote doorman services, you are sure to be curious about how they work and they’re similarities and differences from traditional doorman services. Virtual Doorman services provide the same services of a traditional doorman plus assist with property management and building security. If you own or manage […]

Four Ways Life Is Made Easier For Tenants With Virtual Doorman

virtual doorman tenants

Having a doorman has always been an exclusive, more expensive option that was only offered at higher-end properties, but Virtual Doorman allows the privilege to be extended to many more properties because of its innovative design and affordable cost. Utilizing technology to provide doorman services makes tenant’s lives easier and can be a big selling […]

Virtual Doorman FAQ’s

Virtual Doorman FAQs

Do you have questions about Virtual Doorman? That’s okay, we know this may be a new idea to some, to use technology for doorman services, but we’ve been the leaders in the remote doorman industry since 2000 and we know it works. Today we will look at some of the most common questions we get […]

3 Advantages of a Virtual Doorman Over a Real One

3 Advantages of Having a Virtual Doorman

At Virtual Doorman, we have a bit of problem: Real doormen don’t like us! That’s because we’re providing a service that, in many ways, makes them obsolete. While there are some expensive buildings that will always have doormen as a prestige symbol, our remote doorman service is more than enough to handle the needs of […]

4 Advantages Of Virtual Doorman Services You Can Advertise To Tenants

4 Advantages Of Virtual Doorman Services You Can Advertise To Tenants

If you own a building or are a building manager, it’s important to remember just how important your tenants are. You can have the nicest property in the world, but if you don’t have the services customers are looking for then you’re not going to be able to fill the spaces as quickly as you’d […]

Virtual Doorman Continues To Bring Service to New Buildings Across the Country

Virtual Doorman Continues To Bring Service to New Buildings Across the Country

This week our techs have taken off to Sacramento to put another Virtual Doorman building online in California! Our newest VDM building is at the L Street Lofts in the heart of Midtown, Sacramento. The building is eager to experience the amenities of its first remote doorman! There is a lot of planning and coordination […]