Virtual Doorman

Virtual Doorman’s® Best-in-Class Proprietary Technology

Best-in-Class Proprietary Technology

Virtual Doorman’s® Best-in-Class Proprietary Technology

We are constantly looking for ways to make our technology better. Once you have lived in a building that uses Virtual Doorman, you will never want to go back to life without it. Virtual Doorman has created best-in-class remote doorman technology that cannot be replicated by any of our competitors. 

Our Interactive Web Portal

We created our Interactive Web Portal to improve communication between residents, property managers, and our remote operators. Residents and managers are each provided with access to customized sections of the portal so that they can manage their account and communicate with each other quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. All activity on the Interactive Web Portal is saved in case it needs to be reviewed later for any reason. 

Resident Portal

The Resident section of our Web Portal allows tenants to self-manage their preferences, manage their accounts, schedule guests and deliveries, and submit maintenance requests. Residents can even monitor when their guests arrive, leave, and how long they stayed. 

Building Manager Portal

The Building Manager section of the Web Portal is designed to assist with the day-to-day management of their building. Managers can use the Portal to communicate with their residents, allow access for vendors, post building notices, and allow deliveries and guests. The Building Manager portal also allows the manager to add new residents, activate and deactivate key cards and fobs, and view resident information. The Building Manager portal from Virtual Doorman makes managing an apartment building a breeze.

Operator Portal

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The Operator Portal allows the remote operators at our command center to communicate with the tenants and the building manager. They can also view residents’ and building manager’s scheduled guests and deliveries so that they can grant entry to authorized parties. The Operator Portal allows remote operators access to each resident’s account so that they can give personalized, individualized service.

Our Mobile App

Virtual Doorman also has a mobile app to make it even more convenient for tenants. Our Virtual Doorman On-the-Go™ mobile app allows you to take Virtual Doorman with you. Residents can manage their accounts and access our Red Hat Concierge services from anywhere with their cell phones or tablet. 

Our Welcome Station

The Virtual Doorman Welcome Station is a one-of-a-kind system not available from any other remote doorman service. Like all of our technology, we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon it. We are always searching for ways to make the Virtual Doorman experience better and that’s exactly what we did when we updated our Welcome Station.

The Virtual Doorman Welcome Station features a video intercom with an integrated video chat feature so that residents, guests, and delivery personnel can communicate face-to-face with our remote operators. We also loaded it with features and made it easier, quicker, and less expensive to install. 

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