Virtual Doorman

Why You Should Choose the Original Virtual Doorman®

Virtual Doorman

Why You Should Choose the Original Virtual Doorman®

With all the options for remote doorman services out there, how do you decide which to choose? If you want the only option that offers exceptional service, the most features, and the best-in-class technology, the logical choice is the one and only Virtual Doorman®. 

Virtual Doorman® created the remote doorman industry when we introduced the first remote doorman system to the market nearly two decades ago. We have continually evolved and enhanced our system and our technology is unmatched. We offer the only interactive web portal in the business for both residents and building managers, and we are always ahead of the curve by always keeping an eye to the future and innovating new ways to create a better experience for Virtual Doorman users. 

Virtual Doorman offers a wide range of benefits from keeping your tenants safe with our building security features to our state-of-the-art technology that includes the only interactive web portal in the industry. Other remote doorman services may try to imitateVirtual Doorman, but none come close to what we’re able to offer. 


Compared to the price of hiring a traditional doorman for your building, Virtual Doorman is only a fraction of the cost. But Virtual Doorman also offers great additional features like resident lockout protection, concierge services, and receiving packages and deliveries — but without it costing a fortune. 

Virtual Doorman offers three different service packages so that you can choose the level that offers the best services for your building and fits within your budget. 

Keeps Your Tenants Safe

In addition to performing the services of a doorman, Virtual Doorman also provides building security. Our system uses state-of-the-art technology backed up by the remote operators at our command center to keep your building safe.

You won’t find the same technology anywhere else. At Virtual Doorman, we have been working on our technology for over two decades and are constantly searching for ways to improve it to give property managers and residents a better experience. We offer an Interactive Web Portal, mobile app, and Welcome Station so that communication between residents, property managers, and our remote operators is seamless, quick, and efficient.  


Virtual Doorman can be accessed anywhere that you have access to the internet through the interactive web portal, our mobile app or via email or phone to schedule guests, deliveries, and even ask for recommendations from our virtual concierge. 

Virtual Doorman offers convenience for both the tenants and the managers. Our operators remotely accept packages, verify guest identities, and even allow residents access to the building when they are locked out. You won’t get this kind of service from just any remote doorman. 

Improves Tenant Experience

When you have Virtual Doorman in your building, your tenants will have a better experience. They will feel safer with our building security features and they’ll love the package delivery acceptance and guest verification. Virtual Doorman also offers our Red Hat Concierge services to every tenant so that they can get recommendations to places around town and even have their appointments scheduled for them. Tenants love Virtual Doorman because the long list of features makes their lives easier. 

You will only find this long list of features in Virtual Doorman – the original remote doorman service.  We offer resident lockout protection, building security, concierge services, building management assistance, and so much more. With these amenities, you’ll understand why Virtual Doorman is the only remote doorman that you should consider installing your building. 

Resident Lockout Protection

In the event that a resident gets locked out of the building, Virtual Doorman can give them access without having to contact the property manager. Virtual Doorman will work with our remote operators to verify the identity of the tenant and can remotely unlock the door to grant them access. 

Package Delivery  

One of the most convenient features of Virtual Doorman is that we can accept packages for your tenants even if they are not home. The delivery personnel are verified by Virtual Doorman and granted access to deliver packages into the mailroom. They are monitored the entire time to ensure the safety of your residents.

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Greets and Verifies Guests

Virtual Doorman can also greet guests, verify their identity, and allow them access to the building. The resident will use the Interactive Web Portal or the Virtual Doorman On-the-Go™ mobile app to schedule their guests, and when the guests arrive, our operators will verify the guest’s identity and grant them access to the building. Inviting guests into your building has never been easier.

Red Hat Concierge Services

When you have Virtual Doorman in your building, your tenants will have access to our Red Hat Concierge services. They can ask for recommendations and schedule appointments with the use of our Interactive Web Portal or mobile app. This is an amenity that you would expect to find in a 5-star hotel, that you can now offer your tenants. 

Building Management Assistance

Virtual Doorman can also assist you with several aspects of building management. Depending upon your service options, Virtual Doorman can allow access for contractors, answer phone calls, assist with building correspondence, monitor your security cameras, and much more. You can also communicate with your residents and the Virtual Doorman remote operators right from our Web Portal. 

Building Security

As a building manager, one of your biggest concerns is most likely building security. With Virtual Doorman, our operators remotely monitor your security cameras, verifying guests and delivery personnel before they enter the building, helping with resident lockout services, and so much more. You can rest easy knowing that your building is safe when Virtual Doorman is on the job. 

Remote Operators

Although our technology is unmatched, the “hima side” of Virtual Doorman is what makes the difference.  One of the biggest advantages of Virtual Doorman is that you aren’t just receiving our state-of-the-art technology, you’ll also have the support of our team of highly-trained operators at our command center. These are real people that help keep your apartment building safe and ensure your tenants receive personalized service. 

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