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How Do Virtual Doorman Services Work?

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How Do Virtual Doorman Services Work?

If you have never heard of Virtual Doorman or remote doorman services, you are sure to be curious about how they work and they’re similarities and differences from traditional doorman services. Virtual Doorman services provide the same services of a traditional doorman plus assist with property management and building security.

If you own or manage an apartment building anywhere in the United States and are ready to hire Virtual Doorman to improve tenant experience and assist with property management, review our different packages and contact us today for a quote!

Remote Operators 

Our Virtual Doorman system works with our remote operators. These are real people that you or your tenants can be connected to. When Virtual Doorman is working to verify guests or monitor package delivery, there is a remote operator on the other end ensuring the safety of your tenants and your building. Remote operators are there to assist you and your tenants with anything that may require additional questions or concerns that can’t be answered by the Virtual Doorman alone. 

Access From Mobile App

Virtual Doorman is the only remote doorman service to offer a web portal for residents and property managers available through our mobile app. When tenants would like to schedule a guest, they can simply use the app to set it up. If you, as the property manager, would like to schedule a delivery or allow access for an outside contractor, you can utilize the app to ensure that everything will run smoothly. And, when you need to make a new key card for a tenant or deactivate one from a former tenant, you can simply use the building manager portal.

Guest Services

Virtual Doorman utilizes state-of-the-art technology to interact with your tenants. Virtual Doorman will accept packages and even allow guests entrance. You and your tenants simply use the Virtual Doorman mobile app to set up when guests will arrive and Virtual Doorman works with our remote operators to verify guest’s identities and grant them building access. This system can be utilized to allow access for contractors, friends and family, a dog walker, or cleaning staff. 

Virtual Doorman can also give restaurant recommendations or will even book a spa visit for you with our Red Hat Concierge services. 

We also offer lock-out services to allow tenants entry in the case that they forget or lose their key. Virtual Doorman works in conjunction with our remote operators at our command center to verify the tenant’s identity and grant them access to their apartment without having to disturb you, the property manager. 

Acts as a Security System

As the building manager, you will have 24/7 access to view your security cameras from the building manager portal. And not only will you be monitoring your cameras, but Virtual Doorman will be as well. The Virtual Doorman system works with our remote operators to ensure the safety of your tenant and building and will contact you at the first sign of any suspicious activity. 

Assists with Property Management

Virtual Doorman comes equipped with the building manager portal, which is designed to assist building managers with property management. We offer different packages depending upon the amount of services each building requires. You can even choose to include 24/7 answering services by our command center. Virtual Doorman can assist with as little or as many property management responsibilities as you would like.

Hire Virtual Doorman Today!

Virtual Doorman is designed to provide high-end doorman amenities and services for you and your tenants at a fraction of the price of a traditional doorman. You can have packages received, allow guest entry, monitor security cameras, and even utilize our Red Hat Concierge services. 

Visit our website to read more about how Virtual Doorman services work and view our packages and lists of features. Contact us for a quote when you’re ready to hire Virtual Doorman!