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Four Ways Life Is Made Easier For Tenants With Virtual Doorman

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Four Ways Life Is Made Easier For Tenants With Virtual Doorman

Having a doorman has always been an exclusive, more expensive option that was only offered at higher-end properties, but Virtual Doorman allows the privilege to be extended to many more properties because of its innovative design and affordable cost. Utilizing technology to provide doorman services makes tenant’s lives easier and can be a big selling point for potential residents. 

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1.) Tenant Lockouts

Traditionally, when a tenant gets locked out, they would have to contact their property manager and have them come to the property and unlock the door. It could be made even more inconvenient when the tenant gets locked out at night or on a holiday when it’s harder to get a hold of the property manager. 

When a tenant gets locked out of their apartment that is equipped with Virtual Doorman, they can get access to their home instantly, no matter the time of the day or the day of the week. They simply use the Virtual Doorman video intercom unit at the building entrance and the Virtual Doorman works with the remote operators to allow the tenant access to their home.  

The remote operators have remote access to open all doors and they can assist the resident getting back into the building and their apartment. If the tenant has just forgotten their key card or fob inside, the problem is solved. However, if the tenant has lost their key card, the property manager can deactivate the old card, and activate a new one from the Building Manager Portal. There is no more need to go out and make an extra copy of an actual key or re-key the locks if safety is an issue. 

2.) Deliveries

Traditionally, when a tenant is receiving a delivery they would have to buzz up the delivery driver, leave permission with the doorman, or sometimes the deliveries are just left at the front desk. 

With Virtual Doorman, the tenant does not have to be home or go pick up their package at the front, they simply notify the Virtual Doorman of the delivery. Delivery personnel use the video intercom unit at the building’s entrance to check-in, and the Virtual Doorman works with the remote operators to allow the package to be delivered. 

Virtual Doorman allows for quick and simple deliveries, whether it be a package or a food delivery while ensuring the safety of the residents.

Residents utilize the Virtual Doorman Web Portal App to allow for deliveries, so they can register a delivery from anywhere. They will no longer have to worry about picking up packages or ringing in the delivery driver.

3.) Visitors

The Virtual Doorman also makes having visitors a breeze, whether you’re having friends over, or you employ a dog walker or cleaning person. The tenant registers the visitor with the Virtual Doorman on the Virtual Doorman Web Portal App, and that’s it. 

When the guests arrive they utilize the video intercom unit and the Virtual Doorman works with the remote operators to ensure the identity of the guest and allows them access. Tenants can even see how long their visitors were in the building by accessing the information from our app.

4.) 24/7 Access To Virtual Doorman

Whether it be for a tenant lockout, guests, deliveries, or our concierge services, tenants have access to the Virtual Doorman 24/7. The remote doorman never takes a day off, goes on vacation, or takes a lunch break. The tenants have constant access to the Virtual Doorman through the Virtual Doorman Web Portal App and the video intercom unit. 

Tenants can use the app for the majority of their needs, and any other need can be met through the video intercom unit. If the tenant is locked out or needs assistance from one of our remote operators, they can access them 24/7 through our video intercom unit. 

All of the doors can be controlled remotely for easy access for tenants, their guests, and their deliveries. Our Virtual Doorman was designed with ease of use in mind for the residents, guests, and property management. 

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