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How Virtual Doorman® Provides Building Security

providing building security

How Virtual Doorman® Provides Building Security

If you manage an apartment building, one of your main concerns is most likely building security. It’s important to keep both your building and your tenants safe and with Virtual Doorman® you can do all that, while also providing your residents with other high-end amenities that they will love.

Video Surveillance

When Virtual Doorman is on duty in your building, security cameras will be installed to cover the building entrances, doors, hallways and any other areas requiring surveillance. Our trained operators keep a watchful eye on the premises so you’ll never have to worry about unwanted parties gaining access to your building.

The operators at our command center monitor your building’s cameras remotely. This means that there are real people watching your cameras for suspicious activity and they will notify you the minute that they notice anything out of the ordinary. Virtual Doorman is always here to help keep your building safe.

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All video footage is archived and the building manager and any other authorized parties will have access to the security feed if necessary. Property managers can also gain access to video surveillance through the manager portal and to retrieve and review older security camera footage in the event that they need it.

Guest Verification

With Virtual Doorman on the job, you can be sure that no one is entering your apartment building without the proper verification. When a tenant would like to give access to a guest, they simply register that guest in the Web Portal. This makes it easier for Virtual Doorman to verify a guest’s identity and allow them access. It also helps keep all of your residents safe from uninvited guests.

Delivery Verification

Delivery verification with Virtual Doorman works similarly to guest verification. The delivery person’s identification is verified through the intercom system at the front door with the help of our remote operators, and then the delivery person is monitored while they bring the package to the mailroom. This feature allows tenants to have packages delivered while they aren’t home while still ensuring the safety of everyone who lives in the building.

Remote Operators

Our remote operators are real people that work at our command center. They help to verify guests, delivery personnel, contractors, and others that are trying to gain access to the building. These are also the people who monitor your security camera for suspicious activity. When you have Virtual Doorman in your building, you not only have the most advanced technology, you also have access to real people who can help keep your building safe.

Resident Lockout Protection

Another building security feature offered by Virtual Doorman is resident lockout protection. In the event that a resident locks themselves out of the building, Virtual Doorman and our remote operators can help them gain access to the building, securely and without contacting the property manager, which is especially helpful at odd hours or on holidays. Our resident lockout protection helps to ensure the safety of your residents while providing a valuable amenity.

Tracks Access Control Card and Fob Usage

In the event that an incident does occur in your building, Virtual Doorman can track the identity of anyone who has used an access control card or fob to enter and leave the building. This can help you identify any persons involved and ensure the future safety of your tenants. If a tenant loses their card or fob, you can quickly and easily deactivate it in the building manager portal to prevent someone else from using it to access your building.

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