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How Virtual Doorman® Provides Building Security

providing building security

If you manage an apartment building, one of your main concerns is most likely building security. It’s important to keep both your building and your tenants safe and with Virtual Doorman® you can do all that, while also providing your residents with other high-end amenities that they will love. Video Surveillance When Virtual Doorman is […]

Can Virtual Doorman® Replace a Traditional Doorman?

Can Virtual Doorman Replace a Traditional Doorman

People often ask whether Virtual Doorman®, a remote doorman system, can truly replace a traditional, human doorman. Does Virtual Doorman provide the same amount of service and security? How does the price of Virtual Doorman compare to a traditional doorman? Today, we will answer those questions, plus more.  Privacy While there is something to be […]

Virtual Doorman’s® Best-in-Class Proprietary Technology

Best-in-Class Proprietary Technology

We are constantly looking for ways to make our technology better. Once you have lived in a building that uses Virtual Doorman, you will never want to go back to life without it. Virtual Doorman has created best-in-class remote doorman technology that cannot be replicated by any of our competitors.  Our Interactive Web Portal We […]

Why You Should Choose the Original Virtual Doorman®

Virtual Doorman

With all the options for remote doorman services out there, how do you decide which to choose? If you want the only option that offers exceptional service, the most features, and the best-in-class technology, the logical choice is the one and only Virtual Doorman®.  Virtual Doorman® created the remote doorman industry when we introduced the […]

How Do Virtual Doorman Services Work?

virtual doorman services

If you have never heard of Virtual Doorman or remote doorman services, you are sure to be curious about how they work and they’re similarities and differences from traditional doorman services. Virtual Doorman services provide the same services of a traditional doorman plus assist with property management and building security. If you have never heard […]

Four Ways Life Is Made Easier For Tenants With Virtual Doorman

virtual doorman tenants

Having a doorman has always been an exclusive, more expensive option that was only offered at higher-end properties, but Virtual Doorman allows the privilege to be extended to many more properties because of its innovative design and affordable cost. Utilizing technology to provide doorman services makes tenant’s lives easier and can be a big selling […]

Virtual Doorman FAQ’s

Virtual Doorman FAQs

Do you have questions about Virtual Doorman? That’s okay, we know this may be a new idea to some, to use technology for doorman services, but we’ve been the leaders in the remote doorman industry since 2000 and we know it works. Today we will look at some of the most common questions we get […]

7 High-End Amenities Residents Are Looking For

Amenities Residents Are Looking For

Wherever you’re managing an apartment building or condos, from New York City to Los Angeles, in order to compete with other businesses, your building, the units themselves, and the amenities really need to stand out. For residents who are looking for the best, it’s not enough anymore for a home to just have pet-friendly options […]

How to Offer Peace of Mind to Your Residents

Peace of Mind to Your Residents

It’s an unfortunate truth that there are security risks every day, especially in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. According to NYC Crime Map, there were hundreds of burglaries in September, 2019 throughout the city. New York City has become safer than decades ago, but tenants everywhere still worry about the safety of […]

4 Common Times Buildings Switch Over To Virtual Doorman

Switch Over To Virtual Doorman

As we’ve discussed in many of our blogs, more and more building owners and managers are switching from traditional doormen to Virtual Doorman. The reasons are clear: up to 90% cost savings, no awkward chit chat, no tipping, no hiring and firing, and no having to rely on a doorman to decide which people to […]